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Julian and several others debate the merits of science...
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Originally, I just took it for granted that basic real world science
applied to Glorantha. Now, I just enjoy the fact that any science,
although you can always practice it, will never work very well in
Glorantha, because it's more fun if it doesn't. Example:

Alcoholic beverages are created by fermentation Spirits, not yeast.
Imagine brewers as crafty people who summon special spirits to
insure a good batch, and also worry about wandering spirits who can
gunk up a month's effort. Yeast might merely be a material component
in the summoning ritual... (stay tuned for an article in Tales 18)

Yes, science and theory are applicable, but where's the fun in it?
The more scientific the discussion gets, the more often I use the page
down key...

Ian Thomson asks about RQ Harcovers...
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There is only one RQ harcover that Chaosium published for RQ2; that being
the Harcover edition of the RQ2 rulebook. One caveat: I can't speak for
every foreign edition. For RQ3, Games Workshop published 5 hardcover books:
Runequest Basic Rules, Advanced Runequest, Monsters, Land of Ninja, and
Griffin Island. These were mainly available in the UK, and I'm not sure if
they made it to Australia or other overseas locations. They certainly

didn't find their way to the US very often!

On the off chance, the work you are referring to could be "Foes" or
"All the World's Monsters" by Chaosium, but they weren't in hardcover.

For complete details, see the MIG, soon out in an expanded second edition!

Ducks and the Death Rune...
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A big component of the Death Rune is severance. The ducks have been cut off
from most of society, cut off from flight etc. They can relate to the rune.

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