Hrestol's Saga

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Date: Mon 11 May 1998 - 09:49:06 EEST

        Julian Lord keeps defending a maximizing approach to the use of
magical resources. I agree that people will incorporate their magical
resources in their economy. What I meant is that a Dara Happan male, for
instance, will not use fertility magic, and usually will not even think
about it, as a base, feminine or low caste matter, while a lodrilite, who
will partake freely in the ritual fertility orgy, will never dare to suggest
that a little rain would be useful.

        Or, in other example, getting all the godi in Sartar to cast their
spells in a coordinated manner is something only Argrath did. And his
greatest triumph. And I am sure that many refused to join (and paid for it

        People who manage this kind of things on a grand scale:

The First Council
The God Learners
Hoon Hoolbiktu
The Red Moon

among others.

        Perhaps they are famous because they managed to make it work.

Hrestol's knights

        I have to explain that all my knowledge of Hrestol's saga comes from
a couple of private discussions with Joerg (who manages to discuss more
things than playing).

        That's why I subestimated Hrestol's Knights effect before his death.
However, among the mainstream malkioni he would be known as the strange
seshnegi Prince, who wanted to try everything.

        Joerg gives a good account of the Western history, although he
introduces some of his pet theories (as God Forgot).

        The "most malkioni leaders were Knights" would apply in Seshnela,
but I doubt it would be true in Akem. And certainly not among the brithini.

>I can believe that Hrestol's death affected the Malkioni, and possibly some
>of the Brithini living on the mainland, but hardly the island of Brithos
>where a dedicated enemy of Hrestol and his way ruled.

        But you will accept he changed Brithos deeply, although differently.

        Bill Thompson has the New Hrestoli Way happening in 200 ST. I
believe that is when they retake power in Seshnela, ending the Serpent Kings
power. But they were very strong in Akem after Hrestol's Martyrdom, and they
swept all the isolated outposts of malkioni. I suspect it even had some
success among the Vadeli. Seshnela held out more thanks to the power of the
dinasty and the fact that many of the changes were already made, so the
revolution had less appeal.

        And I must appologize publicly for the use of God Forgoti. I propose
God Forgotten as the collective noun.


P.S. Nick, you are guilty of making me play in the West, thinking about the
western way of life, and even arguing with Joerg for weeks. How the West was
One and your essays on Western sects set me on this track.


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