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From: Hibbs, Philip (
Date: Mon 11 May 1998 - 13:00:50 EEST

Julian Lord:
>AAARGH! NO! I *really* can't let THIS nasty little rhetorical trick past!
>In which way, exactly, are you suggesting that the etymology of "Allied
>Spirit" is related to "Familiar", in the same way that "Illumination"
>is related to "Enlightenment"?

OK, bad analogy, I was just trying to say that just because a particular
term is used, does not inherently prove that a) another thing by the same
name is the same, or b) another thing by a different name is different.
Illumination and Enlightenment are similar enough words that they can be
confused with each other (I think they both imply shedding light on a
subject). The analogy I chose was that if a priest has a familiar, it
doesn't mean that he is a sorceror, just that the term "familiar" is used
outside of it's RQ3 rulebook context.

I didn't think I was playing nasty rhetorical tricks, just expressing an
opinion. I wasn't trying to illuminate the digest, just enlighten it. :-) or
You never know what is enough
unless you know what is more than enough.
 - William Blake


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