Marlene and his Moon Friend

From: Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG (
Date: Mon 11 May 1998 - 17:37:34 EEST

Peter Metcalfe kindly responded to my questions (and thank you):

>>1) Who are the grain goddesses in Holay and Immther?

>For Holay: Pela, Esrola and Hwarin Dalthippa.

>For Imther: the nearest I can find is Nealda.

>>2) Who were Marlene and his Moon Friend?

>You've lost me. Where did you find this?

Marlene and his Moon Friend are said to have been slain by King Skilfil
Heartpiercer in Griffin Mountain. I figured it was probably just the sort
description tossed in to make him seem more real rather than a
mention of some beings that posses actual histories or write-ups.
Maybe I'll be inspired to make something up myself.

Of course the second part of my first question which I forgot to ask
was what are their grains? Are any of those goddesses associated with
wheat or barley?

Thanks again,

Oliver D. Bernuetz


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