The Yelm Game

From: Lord Julian (
Date: Mon 11 May 1998 - 18:30:10 EEST

From: Julian Lord

>Simon Hibbs>This is getting confusing.

This position *is* becoming untenable ...
Gloranthan scientific approaches would be similar to RW ones.
Gloranthan reality is either less radically different than I =

said it was, or we must give up trying to use RW physics
to define gloranthan ones. =

Peter Metcalfe: =

>Arfle Bargle Goop?

My idea was that the observation of reality would help =

distinguish facts from theories, fantasies, dreams, lies,
beliefs, and mistakes.

Actually false in Glorantha, so I was wrong. =

I take it back.

Richard Meints is right.

Simon Hibbs : =

>So, to clarify, your possition is that terestrial physical laws apply in=

>glorantha, except when they don't. Is that right?

One way of putting it. =

To clarify further, my position wasn't that terrestrial =

laws do apply; my position was that they might. =

Some gloranthan laws are certainly the same as =

terrestrial ones.

>Also, you still haven't explained how Yelm can have a stable orbit,

Well, I'd already agreed that gloranthan universal attraction wouldn't =

be newtonian.

The stability of Yelm's orbit is more likely caused by
Yelm himself.

> universal gravitation, as described by Newton, cannot
>apply in Glorantha.


Looks like we're gonna have to stick with Dark Ages Science.

Peter Metcalfe: =

>If we are to describe the Brithini as Orthodox, we would be
>defining the mainstream Malkioni churches (Rokari, Hrestoli
>and Sedalpists) as heterodox which is a most unsatisfactory
>state of affairs IMO.

Your opinion obviously differs from that of an inhabitant
of Old Brithos who might very well consider the Rokari,
Hrestoli and Sedalpist churches as heterodox. Are the =

Malkioni somehow *righter* than the Brithini from a
cross-cultural POV?


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