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Bill Thompson:
>I think that the New Hrestol Way is a movement that began
>before Hrestol's death with his band of followers and continued after his

As much as I could gather, Hrestol's life after his banishment is rather a
personal, often lonely, and quite destructive (or innovative) quest, with
only his in-law family and his friend Faralz somewhat regular appearances.

If he had a band of chivalrous followers, he left them behind when he was
banished from Seshnela.

Peter Metcalfe:
>I do not believe that the New Hrestol Way were the only followers
>of Hrestol's truths. IMO the Serpent Kings did as well.

Definitely. The early Serpent Kings probably were the ones to spread
Hrestol's way of knighthood. It seems that even the deformed rulers of
Seshnela themselves underwent chivalrous training.

Peter re: Saints
>Instead I would posit the existance of spiritual
>realms beneath Solace (a la the Muslim Seven Heavens) and (to
>borrow from Dante) people these with Saints who exist at the same
>time in Solace.

I like this. I'd propose the number three rather than seven.

>The lower realms are populated by the more
>worldly Saints and whom are more easily accessible whereas the
>higher realms have more aloof saints who are more powerful yet
>more difficult to reach.

The important thing should be that these realms are not open for
heroquesting, though - not even the most advanced Jrusteli heroquesters
should have even a chance to visit the actual place, only to get visions.

Not the person who contacts the saints may enter these realms, but the
realms may touch the person. Otherwise, the entire Malkioni church would
have been made a scam by the God Learners.

In fact, the absence of real God Learners in this realm should be notable...

Jose Ramos

>Joerg gives a good account of the Western history, although he
>introduces some of his pet theories (as God Forgot).

While possibly my pet, it's not my theory - that honour goes to Nick Brooke
and Shannon Appel.

> The "most malkioni leaders were Knights" would apply in Seshnela,
>but I doubt it would be true in Akem. And certainly not among the brithini.

That's how I see the first half of the first century, at least. A good part
of Hrestol's Saga is about how the Brithini test knighthood (in Faralz), and
find it wanting in expertise in any field (strangely even in the military
field, which had been Faralz's speciality which had won him some renown).
The Brithini reject knighthood as a concept inferior to their ways, but then
they are an insular people, with only one native foe (the Vadeli) which they
hold in check quite adequately.

I doubted that Hrestol's death affected Brithos a lot.

>But you will accept he changed Brithos deeply, although differently.

I said so, didn't I? His presence and Faralz's deeds started an innate
change in the Brithini ways and defined them for the next millennium
(possibly more, but contact with Brithos ended 920 ST.). However, it wasn't
his martyrdom and death which effected this, but the consequences of his
development of chivalry and his marriage with the obscure Horali (warrior)
nobility of Brithos (dukes, a title for a military commander, as opposed to
counts, a title derived from administrative work).

Bill Thompson presents another great chapter of his Book of the Fathers, and
adds how my recap of Hrestol's saga cheated him:
>So thanks Joerg I would have given an eighth of my soul for a copy of
>that material. Now I can trim that down to a fifth.

So, instead of 12.5% of your soul I can now demand 20%? How much more need I
feed out to get 50%? ;-)


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