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Peter Metcalfe

> This is somewhat mixed. The Pure Horse Tribe taken from the Black
> Net were POWs after the battle and were rescued by Derik Furman
> to populate the Pol Joni Tribe and became Orlanthi worshipping
> Cattle Bastards. The survivors who fled into Dragon Pass were
> 'mostly children guarded by the elderly and a few women and maimed
> warriors unfit to fit in the last battle' RoC.

In a very early and unpublished version, it was the elderly who stayed
behind in the Black Net, while the other survivors fled. Of course, RoC
doesn't mention the Black Net at all.

> IMO the indigenous group was the
> Pain Centaurs who had met with the Grazers and then quested to be
> like them.

This is my belief -- except that the group could have been as small as a
single such centaur.

Richard Develyn asked

> Is it the case that the first we ever learn about any god is in the
> writings of its worshippers?

I'll assume you're willing to accept information from non-literate
cultures... The answer is clearly "no." Orlanthi will tell you all about
Yelm the Evil Emperor, whom they do not worship. The Praxians will tell you
all about the Chaos deities, even though they don't worship them (they
probably of course a part of their known pantheon of deities, but this
isn't worship).

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