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>Joerg Baumgartner in response to:

>>Peter Metcalfe:
>>I do not believe that the New Hrestol Way were the only followers
>>of Hrestol's truths. IMO the Serpent Kings did as well.

>Definitely. The early Serpent Kings probably were the ones to spread
>Hrestol's way of knighthood. It seems that even the deformed rulers of
>Seshnela themselves underwent chivalrous training.

Indeed I must concur. Rathomar, son of Froalar and Seshna Likita, hosted
the first ecclesiastical council in Frowal. The agenda if I recall
correctly was to codify Hrestol's teachings from around the dawn times. I
had placed 200 st as the time when the THW took power but I also felt that
they had been active for quite a time before that. So if the Serpent Kings
supported Hrestol's teachings then it is quite likely that a conservative,
anti-pagan group rose up in reaction to them. If that is the case, then why
did it take fifty years for the THW to seize power after the end of
Likita's Dynasty in 150 st. I get this feeling that there was more involved
here than just a reaction to the serpent kings...


>Lord Julian in response to:

>>Peter Metcalfe: =
>>If we are to describe the Brithini as Orthodox, we would be
>>defining the mainstream Malkioni churches (Rokari, Hrestoli
>>and Sedalpists) as heterodox which is a most unsatisfactory
>>state of affairs IMO.

>Your opinion obviously differs from that of an inhabitant
>of Old Brithos who might very well consider the Rokari,
>Hrestoli and Sedalpist churches as heterodox. Are the =
>Malkioni somehow *righter* than the Brithini from a
>cross-cultural POV?

LJ has reminded me that when I view these cultures I do so by trying to see
the world from their eyes. So when I apply these labels after the fact it
is to try and make sense of the world as they saw it. I think it is quite
likely that the

Brithini still think of themselves as being the Orthodox faith. They would
quite likely view the Seshnegi as deluded fools. After all, the Seshnegi
chose to follow Malkion after Brithos had already judged him and banished

We can look at them from a distance and say. "Well the Brithini underwent
marked change during the silence so they are no longer the same religion as
they were before."

However we could also say that the Catholic Church underwent marked change
say during the Reformation or earlier, how many times have they had more
than one pope? Yet try to tell a priest that they are not the Holy Roman
Church and he'll quite likely pop you with a dozen hail mary's and a
thorough scourging.

>>P. Metcalfe
>>The key factoid that I would emphasize here is that the mainstream
>>Malkioni also have this same tradition that stretches back to the
>>Kingdom of Logic. The Brithini and the Malkioni Churches are really
>>sibling creeds rather than the Brithini being ancestral to the

I don't think "siblings" puts their relationship in focus. It leads one to
believe that they were occuring simultaneously which was not the case

Certainly they are both of them linked to the Kingdom of Logic through the
person of Malkion yet where did he teach first. KoL, which became Brithos.

It was dueing the Ice Age that
"Exiled from Brithos, he crossed the Raging Sea to the land of Seshneg. He
founded the city of Malkonwal, which became his holy city."

So if Malkion didn't leave Brithos until the Ice Age, then he had hundreds,
perhaps thousands of years of history with the existing system. Then he
cocks it all up by mentioning Solace and before you can say "Bob's your
uncle" he finds himself in the colonies where his rube cousins are willing
to build him a city and set him back in power.

I find more in commen with a Nasorean splinter sect changing direction from
the Jewish Orthodoxy. To this day the Orthodox jews are still a vibrant
community and also to this day the Nasoreans have continued although with
significantly more changes.


>Joerg Baumgartner
>So, instead of 12.5% of your soul I can now demand 20%? How much more need I
>feed out to get 50%? ;-)


I was wondering if anyone would notice that. Yes my interest went from mild
to moderate and the amount of my soul that I was willing to barter away
kept pace.
Mind now it's not much of a deal, though I find it comfortable, others
might find it a bit draughty and threadworn.Last time I looked it still had
a "Dazed and Confused" lapel pin/roach clip attached. On the plus side
though I understand that bell bottom souls are back in fashion these days.

more later....

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