Urrrrgh the Ugly

From: Simon Hibbs (simonh@msi-uk.com)
Date: Tue 12 May 1998 - 11:35:26 EEST

Julian Lord says :

>>it was simply the orriginal implication
>>that merely believing in a god can cause the god to exist that I found

>>too simplistic to be meaningfull.
>Urrrrrrrrgh the ugly did actually acheive such a feat.
>Of course, this was because he wasn't intelligent
>enough to distinguish fact and fiction.

Urgh the Ugly's horde of gold wheels contained Pinchining, the last Gold
Wheel Dancer. Urgh's sucessfull act of worship (he rolled 01%) and
sacrifice of a Magic Point to his gold gave Pinchining enough energy to
awaken out of torpor.

If Pinchining hadn't been there, presumably nothing would have happened.



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