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Philip Hibbs:
>Anybody know anything about Arroin?

In my game, the players are currently on a quest that involves an artifact
sacred to the cult of Arroin. One of them (played excellently by Jane
Williams) is a CA, and as such has done a lot of in depth research about him.

Without revealing too much, these are the truths so far unearthed:

*He is the Son of Chalana Arroy, and loved by all the world. He stayed behind
to heal the world whilst his mother went on the LBQ.

*His love for everything was so great that he even tried to heal chaos. He
was wounded repeatedly but kept trying, until eventually Chaos broke all of
his powers.

*He is somehow tied to Yelmalio and High King Elf (I don't remember how) and
was somehow involved (IIRC) in the releasing of Flamal.

NB the Yelamlion PC IMG is trying to prove that Yelmalio was Arroin's father,
though Yelm and a few others are also possibilities.

In CA temples there is always a shrine to her son, and in game terms I believe
that the accepted theory is that CA supplies the magic, Arroin the skills.
Another theory is that Arroin could possibly provide sorcery, but it's best
not suggested in Theyalan circles :-)


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