King Heort's resting place

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Tue 12 May 1998 - 20:43:24 EEST

Peter writes:
>Why? Heort did not retire there (nor would Arkat have gone on the
>I Fought We Won Quest). He retired somewhere near Backford according
>to RQ Companion p27.

Not exactly Peter. If I recall, the blurb in RQ Companion is about a guy
who travelled to King Heort's Hall - not the actual physical location of
his resting place.

Based on some of the work I've done, King Heort most likely assembled his
Ring of Orlanth at Grizzley Peak (in Tarsh), and there are many Orlanthi
that believe his hall was not far from that site. Of course, any Hill of
Orlanth "can" be the location of King Heort's Hall - just like there are at
least a dozen sites in England for Camelot. Probably the "Backford Site"
is the one prefered by the Heortlanders.

>We are not talking about an God Learnerd bog-standard Orlanthi shrine
>where one can summon Orlanth. We are talking about the resting place
>of a hero. Thus there would be a restricted geographical region where
>he spends his winter years.

Again, not necessarily. King Heort was greater than just a bog-standard
hero. Personally I suspect that each of the Heortling tribes knew how to
contact Heort and could do it from a site within (or near) their tribal
lands. In fact when new tribes were created, previous to the Alakoring
rites, Heort himself would bless the tribal regalia.

>Since Arkat fought summoned King Heort within the borders of the modern
day Holy Country, it follows >that he found King Heort there.

Yeah, probably because a Heortling (most likely a Garanvuli tribesman)
showed him how.



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