Serpent Kings Dynastie

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Date: Tue 12 May 1998 - 23:51:59 EEST

Hello Friends,

first i have to explain that my knowlegde of the West comes also from Hre=
stols=0ASago (Joerg has access to my copy).

<< Bill Thompson <>
> Indeed I must concur. Rathomar, son of Froalar and Seshna Likita, host=
> the first ecclesiastical council in Frowal.

A son of Froalar with the name Rathomar is not mentioned in Hrestols ago=
=0A(neither in the whole Serpent Kings Dynastie which reaches up to 155 S=

I know that, apart, from Froalar and Hrestol himself, this is the only na=
me=0Athat was published, but i like the OLD Hrestol saga as Greg has writ=
ten it in=0A1967, so that i don=B4t accept a serpent King or prince with =
the name Rathomar.

IMHO the name Rathomar is a fantasy name that was included much later by =
the=0AGodlerners, the Rookari or who ever else could have an interest in =
the toppic=0Athat a Concil has to have occured before 100 ST.


Must leave now, see you in LA

Andre Jarosch=0A


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