Re: Scientific Method

From: allen wallace (
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 02:11:49 EEST

Philip Hibb

I believe that while RW scientific method is applicable to Glorantha, the
conclusions that such science would reach would be different. Also, while
good RW scientific discoveries such as Newton's laws stood the test of
time well and only break down at the quantum and relativistic extremes,
Gloranthan scientific laws would be much less versatile. The principles of
science, though, would be much the same as RW.

I really wanted to stay out of this one. Ah well.

Scientific Method would work in a magical world like Glorantha only if you
can exert a great deal of control over magical influences. Scientific
methodology is useful in controlled environments or when the statistical
sampling is so large as to make negligible the effects of environmental
effects not being tested for. Problem with a magical world is that there
are conscious and unconscious invisible forces all playing merry hell with
you test samples. The God Learners apparently were able to use there
magical powers to negate some of this, though it could reasonably be
argued that what they did was enforce an artificial base reality that
eventually became unstuck.

Essentially the problem would be too damn many variables for useful
quantitative analysis. It wouuld have to be really irritating to the
experimentor, especially if a Trickster was anywhere about.



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