From: Lord Julian (113661.3343@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 03:02:16 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Simon Hibbs: =

>Urgh the Ugly's horde of gold wheels contained Pinchining, the last Gold=

>Wheel Dancer. Urgh's sucessfull act of worship (he rolled 01%) and
>sacrifice of a Magic Point to his gold gave Pinchining enough energy to
>awaken out of torpor.

>If Pinchining hadn't been there, presumably nothing would have happened.=

The completely opposite POV is: if there hadn't been
a 01 on the worship roll during the HQ, then Pinchining wouldn't
have been there at all.
Here, truth once again becomes subjective.
I *must* try to remember this ...=


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