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Peter Metcalfe

>Since the definition of being orthodox =

>is adhering to accepted conventional views _and_ that there are far =

>more Malkioni than there are Brithini (even if the People of Old
>Brithos suddenly showed up), I see no problem in calling the =

>mainstream Malkioni churches orthodox.

Don't you think that would depend on the subject matter?
I'm quite willing to accept "orthodox westerners" as =

meaning certain Malkioni and not other westerners, =

except when what is being discussed is religion itself,
or some other very basic transcultural subject. =

The phrase "orthodox westerners" in such a context, IMHO, =

becomes meaningless, although we may still be able to mention
orthodox Rokari, Hrestolists, Sedalpists, or Brithini,
or even orthodox Orlanthi, dwarfs, Hsunchen and trolls,
if such were to the point.

Also, you *were* implying that orthodox malkioni were =

"righter" than other westerners, for obscure etymological =

reasons. =

Words sometimes just do things we don't want them to.

>Simon Hibbs>Holiness is a culturaly determined concept.

Agreed. =

Thanks, all for answers Re: Saintliness etc.
A subject I don't understand.

Disagree though about illuminates being
unable to acheive sainthood. Can't see
why not.
Philip Hibbs

> Anybody know anything about Arroin?

Yeah. (quickly casts Resist Flame).

There are at least two gods called Arroin. (IMG
at least three.) One is the Orlanthi one, son of CA.
His zeal for healing is such that he doesn't go on =

the LBQ with his mum, 'cos the world is ill and needs =

help. Tries to heal the chaos Void and gets his magic
sucked out of him. But lives (impressive!). Arroin can
grant no DI and gives no magic. Some Arroini, probably
not all, are Orlanthi sorcerors. There are few Arroini,
in any case, among the Orlanthi.

Two is elven Arroin, seemingly the waters of healing, =

but very little is known about him. Presumably good
at healing flora, bad at fauna. Basically, CA for elves.
IMO, they have access to divine magic and DI. Spells =

would be CA spells for plants, with, perhaps, perhaps
not, one-use Resurrection on offer from CA. Elven
Arroin isn't necessarily CA's son. Likely to be
the largest of all Arroin cults.

Number three, IMG, has been founded by an illuminated =

heroquester after manipulative HQ by godlearning =

lunars. Very messy. The cult of Field Surgeons,
with no prohibitions against weaponry or killing.
Very likely doomed by the Compromise. Wouldn't
advise importing it into your Glorantha. Gets
random heroquesters trying to shut it down
about once a year.

The powers available (or not) to =

members of this cult depend very much on =

who, in the local mythology, his parents are.
Usually, his mother is CA.

Also, Arroin saved Humakt's life
during the greater darkness, and Humakt slew the =

chaos thing which was preparing to devour Arroin.
The two cults are connected in some mysterious,
perhaps mystic, fashion. Arroini provide healing
for Humakti; Humakti provide protection for =


It is possible that Arkat had something to do with =

the cult of Arroin. Perhaps even likely.


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