Myths and History

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Examining what we _really_ know about the past...

David Dunham wrote:

First of all to qualify the accuracy of writings, and the accuracy of
Orlanthi myths.


> Don't forget that Gloranthan magic includes a limited form of time
> travel: you can, through heroquest, travel to the land of the gods.
> You can witness great battles of the gods. At the same places you can
> see these titanic struggles, you find a larger concentration of
> crystals. I think the evidence is pretty good.

Simon Phipp also wrote:

> Myths in Glorantha represent events in the past. However, they also
> reflect the needs of the community. When a need of the community is
> not reflected in the mythology, Heroes will HeroQuest and create the
> myths which are needed.

Can I just pin this bit down: Do you agree that you can HeroQuest to
_change_ a myth (which then tends to retain its new form), as opposed to
just create new ones?

If so, isn't it the case that your HeroQuest time-travel is not
accurate? Or rather, that what you experience when HQing is more a
reflection of current beliefs than historical events?

Let me try an example, although I haven't got all my Gloranthan
literature here ('cos I'm at work) so I might get some of my facts a bit

I believe that in Nomad Gods, "myth" says: Tada kills Basmol. In later
publications it's Waha. Do we really know what happened to Basmol? If
you were able to really time travel, wouldn't you find that 1000 years
ago, "myth" would then have said it was someone totally different who
killed Basmol, and maybe 1000 years before that he wasn't killed at all,

but for some other reason went to the underworld?


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