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From: Nils Weinander (nilsw@ibm.net)
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 09:33:45 EEST

George Harris:
> Well, in the Lore Auction at GCII, I posed to Greg the question if
> the achievement of Solace for Malkioni was in anyway similar to the
> achievement of nirvana for buddhists, and he rather vehemently denied the
> suggestion.

So as not cause any confusion: in my case, the
bodhisattva analogy does _not_ mean I think that
Solace is like Nirvana. I think only that the
saints have postponed Solace like bodhisattvas
postpone Nirvana.

Julian Lord:
> Really: Is Saintliness different from or the same as
> either Enlightenment or Illumination or both?
> If it is different, in which ways is it different?

Different I think. Illumination and Enlightenment
seems to put you "above" cultural and religious
factiousness. Saints OTOH are the the most eminently
malkionish Malkioni?

> Also: What is the difference between Holiness
> and Saintliness in Glorantha?

What meaning do you put to the words (more semantics)?

> PS There can, I think, be living Saints, as the
> Apostles certainly were in RW, at least when filled
> with the Holy Spirit. So I'm not sure that the
> boddhisatva(sp?) analogy is quite true for
> Malkionism. Could be wrong?=

Good point. Examples?

Richard Develyn:
> Now what you're saying here is that most of what they know is handed
> down through oral traditions, since I don't suppose many of them chat to
> dragons and giants. One has to start wondering how accurate any of this
> could be beyond a few hundred years.

Not very. That's why different people have different
myths about the same thing.

> How does a Gloranthan know that a crystal is crystalized blood of the
> gods? Is the inspiring evidence really evidence? I know Gloranthans in
> the 1600s _believe_ it, but are their beliefs all we have to go on?

Heroquesting to the gods' war, see a deity bleed and
its blood congeal into luminous crystal?

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