Malkioni Saints and Boddhisvattvas

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 12:19:47 EEST

Peter Metcalfe :

>And I just gave references that disprove this assertion because
>Buddhas are shown therein to _affect_ the material world.

Although I would hardly be prepared to cite LoN as an authoritative
source on Budhism.

>If so, what is the purpose of bringing up the Boddhisvattva parallel?

Heretics. They're everywhere. The more wacky pseudo-philosophies we've
got for them, the better.

>They might. But all I've seen is so far is proposals for a
>blanket statement about how Malkioni Saints operate.

Ouch - not from me. To quote my original post on the subject :

"Malkioni saints remind me vaguely of the boddhisattva of Mahayana
Buddhism, who chose not to enter nirvana in order to save others."

The operative words being 'vaguely' and 'remind'.

>It would help heaps if people knew a bit more about what they
>proposed to introduce.

Urgh.... I'm hit......... Goodbye cruel world.....

Remember me fondly....



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