Orlanthi Myth-History

From: Simon Hibbs (simonh@msi-uk.com)
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 12:44:53 EEST

Simon Phipp :

>But, the Orlanthi Quested in the First Age to change the nature of
>their deities, integrating the myths of the Theyalans and
>Pelorians. They also made enormous HeroQuests to change the world.

Lokamayadon was defeated, and Harmast used his people's myths rather
than creating new ones, at least that's my understanding of it. The
Orlanthi also pulled out of the Nysalor project.

>In the Second Age they incorporated Draconic thought
>patterns and even created new forms of Orlanth.

However they EWF Orlanthi were almost completely obliterated by the

>They HeroQeusted to
>destroy the God Learners mythically.

Which doesn't require the creation of any new myths, though it appears
some of their cults and myths may have been tampered with. I don't realy
want to get into that debate again though.

>In the Third Age they destroyed the Red Moon and changed the world.

Back to the way it's supposed to be in the first place. Healed the world
would be more accurate, from their point of view anyway.

>In the God Time, the Orlanthi deities were responsible for violently
>changing most of the World Order, even more than Chaos.

And they've learned from the experience. I'm not saying that Orlanthi
have made no changes to their religion, or their society. I was merely
comparing their relative stability to that of, say, the Malkioni or

Simon Hibbs


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