Malkioni Orthodoxy

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 14:22:57 EEST

Bill Thompson:

>I think it is quite likely that the Brithini still think of themselves
>as being the Orthodox faith.

Ignoring the quibble about Brithini faith, my point is that the Malkioni
also say they are Orthodox Malkioni. So why should we deny that their
orthodoxy considering that the Brithini themselves do not adhere to all
of Malkion's teachings?

Me>>>The Brithini and the Malkioni Churches are really
>>>sibling creeds rather than the Brithini being ancestral to the

>I don't think "siblings" puts their relationship in focus. It leads one to
>believe that they were occuring simultaneously which was not the case

It is my opinion that they did occur 'simultaneously'.

>Certainly they are both of them linked to the Kingdom of Logic through the
>person of Malkion yet where did he teach first. KoL, which became Brithos.

But the Brithini are _not_ the Kingdom of Logic. The relationship IMO
goes more like:

                               --> Brithini
          Kingdom of Logic --|
                               --> Malkioni

Before the split, the inhabitants of Brithos were not like the
Brithini that everybody sees nowadays. They were a vibrant
community. But as a result of the traumas of the Ice Age, the
Kingdom of Logic split in the struggle for survival.

The Brithini are those who rejected the New Ideas in an attempt
to return to the Good Old Days with corresponding power and
greatness. Thus they fossilized their own existance at the cost
of future power.

The Malkioni are those who realized that their understanding of
the Cosmos was incomplete and so sought new truths to help them
and others survive. IMO these truths became idealized in the
person of Malkion the Prophet and as the Malkion were forced into
exile, so too was the Prophet. But I fear I'm becoming esoteric
for my own good.

Simon Phipp:

Me>>>The Brithini and the Malkioni Churches are really sibling creeds
>>>rather than the Brithini being ancestral to the Malkioni.

>But. most of the current Malkioni follow Hrestol's Way which is
>different from Malkion's Way, so they cannot really be thought of as
>Orthodox Malkioni.

Hrestol's Way was taught to Hrestol by Malkion himself. How can it
not be orthodox?

>After all, the Brithini have never acknowledged the Invisible God, even
>though they claim to follow Malkion's Laws.

The church of Arolanit acknowledges the existance of (but does not
worship) the Invisible God as do the Professors of Sog City, the
Wizards whom God has Forgotten and even the Scholar-Merchants of Old
Trade. Of course this is probably due to the God Learners ruling
over all these people.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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