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From: Simon Hibbs (simonh@msi-uk.com)
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 16:15:15 EEST

>The completely opposite POV is: if there hadn't been
>a 01 on the worship roll during the HQ, then Pinchining wouldn't
>have been there at all.
>Here, truth once again becomes subjective.
>I *must* try to remember this ...=

Whether or not Greg created pinchining in response to an interesting and
unusual occurence in a game or Runequest is of no particular relevence,
interestig though it might be. In _glorantha_ pinchining was already
there, had a personal history, and was awakened by Urgh. If your
character want to know the truth, go to pinchining and ask what he(she?)
thinks happened.

Of course, if you're the GM you can decide that for yourself, but what
do you honestly think the answer would be? The GM hass full controll in
any game, but you have to be prepared to defend your decisions and
accept their consequences. Do you realy want to run a game where the
answer to many Divinations is ".... errrr, I don't know, to be honest
I don't think I realy existed back then".

Simon Hibbs


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