Heroquesting History

From: Simon Hibbs (simonh@msi-uk.com)
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 16:52:26 EEST

>I believe that in Nomad Gods, "myth" says: Tada kills Basmol. In later
>publications it's Waha. Do we really know what happened to Basmol? If
>you were able to really time travel, wouldn't you find that 1000 years
>ago, "myth" would then have said it was someone totally different who
>killed Basmol, and maybe 1000 years before that he wasn't killed at
>but for some other reason went to the underworld?

But the neat thing about heroquesting is that both can be true. Suppose
Waha killed Basmol, then Tada completed the long-form 'Waha killing
Basmol' heroquest. Now both of them killed Basmol, but the key fact is
that Basmol got slotted.

Someone could heroquest to bring Basmol back from the dead, but the fact
is he still died and no amount of heroquesting will change that.

Simon Hibbs


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