Gloranthan physics: the Bible.

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 22:30:55 EEST

Perhaps a little late for the debate, but I'm just found a marvellous
reference for this. OK, so it's for the wrong flat universe, but if it

Take a copy of the Discworld Companion. Look up "Discworld". Enjoy.
OK, so the Power of Belief is not as strong here as on the Discworld, and
the Power of Metaphor should perhaps be replaced by the Power of Puns,
but the principle works.
Looking up Druids is also worthwhile for the four forces of Charm,
Persuasion, Uncertainty and Bloody-mindedness.
Perhaps I should stop reading this book. L-space has just explained to me
why Minaryth Purple is the most experienced HQer in the High Council, and
things after L can only get more confusing.
Jane Williams


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