RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha

From: Lord Julian (
Date: Wed 13 May 1998 - 22:11:43 EEST

From: Julian Lord

The following question is probably a bit out of order,
but here goes.

I am in the middle of the fairly thankless task of writing my own =

Gloranthan Basic RPG system; basically some RQ2 & RQ3, =

with heroquesting add-ons, RQ4 add-ons, and my-own-ideas =

add-ons; This is so much change that it ain't RQ no more, =

although it is RQ-(or BRP-)compatible.

The task of turning RQ3, the 3.000 pages of the Berkeley RQ4 archive,
the 1992 draft rules, Sandy's sorcery (but this part is nice and easy) =

and my own ideas into rules for my campaign is long and tedious, =

as some of you may understand. It is also lots of paper to carry
around when gamemastering, which is no fun at all.

I would love to be able to put my RQ3 rules book on a shelf,
and have a book of rules to replace it with. This is a book I'd =

need to write myself. And this would be a hell of a lot easier
if I had a version of RQ3, or RuneQuest:Adventures in Glorantha =

in my computer. The new game will, I am sure, be a *very* useful =

source of gaming material,which will make me a very happy =

chappy; but I'll probably stick with Basic RPG because I like it =

so much. The idea of having to input loads of information =

(which is already written) into my computer is pretty off-putting. =

The prospect of having three rules books (RQ3, HeroWars, and =

my own) to lug around isn't very attractive either. Maybe four, if =

Avalon Hill gets its RQ shit together. =

So here's my question:

Can anyone help me with RQ3 or RQ: AiG?

Out of order, eh?

This isn't construed as a challenge to copyright holders of any mentioned=

material, BTW, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Some,
and v. wisely, *are*.

It would also be nice, for more scholarly reasons, to have more organised=

access to OOP RQ/Glorantha sources from some Archive somewhere,
given, particularly, that RQ/Gloranthan gaming is getting more and more
an on-line phenomenon. I can't see why the RQ2 rules, and Basic RPG
at least shouldn't be available somewhere, for those interested in the =

history of roleplaying. Similarly, it'd be nice to have access to first
edition D&D, and other stuff from the early period of RPGs.

Such access to RQ3 or RQ:AiG seems unlikely on the face of things,
so it's probably Input Time. I hope none will blame me for =

attempting DI, in hopes of avoiding keyboard doom?


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