Arroin. And Metcalfe: ERRARE HUMANUM EST

From: Lord Julian (
Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 00:17:14 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Nikk Effingham: =

>Arroin was also defeated by Vivamort in Godtime. I also like the idea =

>that Arroin was the son of Chalana Arroy and Humakt, =

Nice to see that some, at least, have seen the same things I have.
The chaos Void which devours Arroin's magic is *usually* Vivamort, yes.

I also have Humakt as a father of Arroin. This, however, makes for a
pretty odd cult; more lunar than orlanthi.

Nothing wrong with this a priori.

Peter Metcalfe: =

>So why should we deny that their orthodoxy considering =

>that the Brithini themselves do not adhere to all =

>of Malkion's teachings?

Yes, some of us do have problems with words.
Could you repeat that in english?

____________________________ =

More Metcalfe:

>So if I say that 'Orthodox Malkioni (or westerners) worship only =

>the Invisible God', I am uttering gobbledegook in your humble
>opinion because I am discussing religion? =

You said:

>The brithini are not orthodox westerners anymore than jews are =

>orthodox christians.

This is theological mish-mash.

>Where do I collect my ... secret decoder ring ... ?

It's called greek and latin.

PS I refuse to participate any further in this
degrading (to both of us IMVHO) squabble. =

It's horrible!


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