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Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 01:52:15 EEST

I've just returned from the printer, where I approved the proof of
Enclosure 2, the magazine of roleplaying in Glorantha. This issue will be
available at Glorantha-Con later this month, and will be available from
Wizard's Attic and the Reaching Moon Megacorp next month. Price will be
announced when we get the bill from the printer...

It's 88 pages. Here's an indication of what you'll get:

Table of Contents:
Gaming SFC Style - Neil Robinson
It Takes a Thief - Rich Staats
The Grazers - David Dunham
The Silkmane Clan - Martin Hawley
Spirits of the Silkmane - Danny Bourne, Richard Faragher, Martin Hawley,
and Duncan Rowlands
Yanastan River-Laugher's Guide to Esroli - David Dunham
Vanch Geography - Harald Smith
Recordkeeping in Alkoth - Harald Smith
Alkoth During the Hero Wars - Martin Laurie
Herocults of the Red Path - Martin Laurie
How Many Heroes? - Martin Laurie
Mitchuinn Moonhater, a History of a Hero - Martin Laurie
How Theya Two-Mothers Avenged Leikashearth - Pam Carlson
The Conquest of Mahzanelm - Harald Smith
The Daughters of Vingkot - Stephen Martin with Jeff Richard
Rastalulf's Saga - Jeff Richard and Greg Stafford
How Zorak Zoran Became the Lord of Death - Stephen Martin
How Taker Took the Elves - Shannon Appel

The Fall of Heliakal - Harald Smith
How Vingkot Defended Kerofinela - Stephen Martin
How Inora Preserved Ice Mountain - David Dunham with Stephen Martin
The Allegory of the Hill of Gold - Stephen Martin
The Hill of Gold Heroquest - Stephen R. Marsh
A Story About Elmal - David Hall
The Storm Age - Greg Stafford
Orlanth's Ring - Greg Stafford
The Vingkotlings - Greg Stafford
Kinstrife - Greg Stafford
Aggar - David Millians
Lesser Magic - David Millians
Tales of Creation - David Millians
Clan Storm Bear - David Millians
Yinkin, God of Alynxes - Jeff Erwin
Fonrit: A Player's Introduction - David Dunham
Afadjann - Simon Bray
Life in Afadjann - Martin Hawley
Hombori Tondo - Martin Hawley
A Letter from Fonrit - Neil Robinson
The Military Forces of Hombori Tondo - Duncan Rowlands

Stefano Gaudiano and the Opal team
Mike O'Connor
Simon Bray
Sean Drew
Jeffrey Noh
Aries Galindo

Richard Develyn asked

> Do you agree that you can HeroQuest to
> _change_ a myth (which then tends to retain its new form), as opposed to
> just create new ones?

This is my belief. The sense of creating new myths is more revealing that
certain events did in fact have mythical significance, or realizing how
certain events connect into a single myth.

> If so, isn't it the case that your HeroQuest time-travel is not
> accurate? Or rather, that what you experience when HQing is more a
> reflection of current beliefs than historical events?

Apparently [see Entekosiad], the Lunars do use heroquesting as a historical
research tool.

But I don't think you get total accuracy. Heroquesting is obviously
subjective. I think it's truthful, in that you won't get false information
(though it may be easy to draw false conclusions).

> I believe that in Nomad Gods, "myth" says: Tada kills Basmol. In later
> publications it's Waha. Do we really know what happened to Basmol? If
> you were able to really time travel, wouldn't you find that 1000 years
> ago, "myth" would then have said it was someone totally different who
> killed Basmol, and maybe 1000 years before that he wasn't killed at all,
> but for some other reason went to the underworld?

This is probably a change from Tada, a single person, to Waha, his god, in
order that the quest is more useful (i.e. you can perform it as a
worshipper of Waha, just like Tada was, instead of being of Tada's

But you will never learn that Basmol was not killed. That's a brand new,
invented myth, and I don't think that happens.

Nikk Effingham

> Arroin ... is worshipped as a Humakti sub-cult

He is? News to me. This sounds like someone thinking "gee, my characters
would live longer if there were combat medics" than myth.

BTW, Arroin is mentioned in Enclosure 2.

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