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From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 08:07:00 EEST

Summoning Silver Age Heroes:

I'm not sure one has to go to their retirement places. Heort for
instance seems to have died (of natural causes), and received an
Orlanthi (cremation?) burial.

Also I don't believe that it was impossible to contact Vingkot during the
Inhuman Occupation when his dominant shrine was unaccessible.

But Jeff addressed this very satisfactorily.

Print Eruption:
> I meant a later chaos eruption. IMO the Print festered for some
> time and then disgorged its contents in the Great Darkness before
> Ash was dumped on it by an air god.

Most probably the case.

> FWIW I thought Lodril
> erupted at Vent after being cast down to earth there?

Yes. Then (IMO at the "picked up Lodril's spear" episode) he erupted
under Argan Argar's camp and created the _huge_ volcano whose top was
shorn off by AA. Then he erupted a third time, this time in chains, and
created the Obsidian Palace.

The Footprint myth seems to imply that Lodril's spear was stabbed into
the Footprint. However, I know of no active volcanoes east of Mirrorsea
Bay, and there is no crater or other evidence in or near the Print,
except Shadow Plateau.

>>A thane is a land-owning noble, whereas a knight is a landless
>>mounted warrior in the service of nobles and "chieftains" (chief

> Not necessarily. The Vandervasse of Seshnela own land yet are
> reckoned knights according to the Player's Book: Genertela.

They aren't exactly Heortlanders, but mainstream Seshnegi Rokari. I'm
not sure whether the Vandervasse are very minor nobility bereft of most
noble caste benefits by Bailifes' reforms, except for a few ancestral
lands (not yet claimed by the king), or whether they are a dynasty of
warriors with an ancient pledge to be protectors of a given fief,
financed out of part of the revenues of this fief. In that case, who
does the administration of the fief?

> Likewise the Heortlander Knights should own (or be allocated by
> their clan or lord) some land.

I prefer Heortlander chivalry to be more basic than western chivalry. It
is described as inferior to Richard's Seshnegi mercenaries, and IMO this
inferiority may well be outmoded equipment (Norman Conquest style armour
vs. early Hundred Years war armour), outmoded tactics, and an
organisation form from the same time, if not earlier.

I prefer the model of weaponthane/knights thrust upon carl followers of
the thegn/chieftain to be fed, with the thegn's responsibility to upkeep
the equipment.


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