Re: Malkionism and Boddhisvattvas

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Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 09:08:43 EEST

OK, some Arroin first...

Nikk Effingham:
> Arroin was also defeated by Vivamort in Godtime. I also like the idea
> that Arroin was the son of Chalana Arroy and Humakt, which explains
> an awful lot about him, his adventuring career and why he is
> worshipped as a Humakti sub-cult.

A nice thought. I can also add that a grudging
respect and admiration between the cults of Arroin
and Humakt seem appropriate since the deities are two
sides of the same coin. Both are completely uncompromising
in their approach.

Back on track.

> [on why we should use the Boddhisvattva parallel]

Read again. I explained why _I_ find the parallell
useful. If anyone else finds likewise, they are of
course invited to share the idea, but I explicitly
wrote that you can ignore it if you don't like it.

> But in every case that I've seen so far, the Boddhisvattva
> parallel was presented as some universal truth about Malkioni
> Saints. This is what annoys me.

Hmm? The only absolute I have seen in this debate is
on the line of "no, that is wrong". But, since my
position has been unclear, I repeat: I like to use
one aspect of bodhisattvas as a model for one aspect
of malkioni saints, that is a postponement of their
respective state of grace in order to help others on
the same way. OK?

Also, as I have explicitly stated, I use one model,
like this one, until a better comes along. If that
happens, I adopt the better explanation. So please,
expand on the Seven Heavens. Are they all in Solace?
Where do the average dead Malkioni in good standing
go? Which saints are in which heaven?

> >This is a longer step from the published information
> >about Solace, and more hairsplitting since it posits
> >simultaneous existence in and out of Solace, but I am
> >sure there is potential for cool stuff here.
> Simultaneous existance is not unusual as there are living
> Saints (ie in Solace and on Earth) in Glorantha. Gerlant

> before he died was worshipped as a Saint and the Malkioni
> Freeform had a Living Saint called Notslor attending.

But that is no problem in my model, since they, as saints,
are not in Solace yet.

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