Malkioni Illuminates

From: Lord Julian (
Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 13:23:30 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Nils Weinander: =

>There must be a Malkioni equivalent of illumination,
>though I think it is yet again different from both
>illumination and enlightenment.

Ok, latest thoughts on this one. (having been through
the material again with new, Digest-given insight)

Illumination seems to be a partially cultural
phenomenon. The illuminate discovers, among other
things, that dogma isn't right. (Warning: secret
decoder ring needed to understand last sentence!)

Probably the focus of malkioni illumination would be =

different from the focus of theist illumination.
Malkioni illuminates would likely understand
that there is only one God, and also know that many gods
exist, and be comfortable with this contradiction.
This wouldn't necessarily entail acceptance of Chaos
into the idealised world-view of the illuminate.
The most advanced illuminates would, though, be =

illuminated also in this respect.

This would fit in with I Fought We Won, with the =

Compromise, with Solace and with illumination as
defined elsewhere. It would also motivate malkioni
rejection of illuminates according to malkioni
cultural values, as well as motivating brave new =


I don't think, though, that there would be only one =

kind of malkioni illumination. The above model =

wouldn't work very well with Stygian malkionism,
for instance, whose illuminates would perhaps
be closer to more familiar versions of illumination.

Also, Illumination ISN'T the same as Saintliness,
I agree. =

PS :
Anyone know anything about canonisation in
Malkioni Churches BTW? How does it work?

Could a dead Wizard be elevated to the
Sainthood, for instance, by his old buddies,
in exchange for future miracles in their favour?

What magical (Blasphemy! Um; I meant Miraculous)
processes are involved?=


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