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Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 15:19:08 EEST

From: Julian Lord

>Nikk Effingham> Arroin ... is worshipped as a Humakti sub-cult

David Dunham:
>He is? News to me. This sounds like someone thinking "gee, my characters=

>would live longer if there were combat medics" than myth.

Well, IMG Arroin has the Surgery skill. From a Runic POV, a form of =

Death which can separate illnesses from the body. =

Some kinds of magical surgery might prevent regrowth =

of severed body parts. Such magical surgery would
be sorcery. It may or may not be possible for Arroini
using sorcery to surgically remove some kinds of =

chaos feature. If so, his mythology could reflect
this in an episode where chaos was surgically =

removed from either Humakt or Arroin himself.
Probably inadvisable, and very costly anyway.
This would be ritual surgery, and cost lots and lots of POW. =

Arroini surgeons would otherwise resemble RW butchers. =

I don't think Arroin is a Humakti sub-cult as such,
except that pious Humakti would pray to Arroin.
If this were sufficiently organised prayer (not,
on the face of things, an unlikelihood) it could
be seen as a small cult. Not that the Humakti would
receive many game-term benefits from such worship.
This is an exception, IMO, to Humakt's Severance
of Kin. Perhaps some strange link with Surgery here.

I can't see why there shouldn't be combat medics in =

Glorantha, although Arroini would not necessarily be such.
A normal Arroin cult would have restrictions and/or =

sorcerous vows against violence, although an Arroin
who was Humakt's son might not.

This is for Orlanthi Arroin cults. None of the above can
be true for the aldryami version. =

IMO, usually false among the orlanthi, too.

There may or may not be Stygian and Arkati Arroin cults.

Arroin as the son of Humakt may be the healer god in the
Kingdom of War.=


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