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Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 15:32:51 EEST

Nils Weinander points out:
> Simon Phipp:
> >
> > What about Arkat, then? Both an Illuminate and a Saint. Presumably
> > there are other Saints from that time who would have been
> > Illuminated. I can see no reason why Illumination should prevent
> > Malkioni from entering Solace.
> Arkat is a particularly fishy case since he also
> lives in his star/constellation in the sky...

Ah, yes, he has two homes. So he can jump in and out of Solace. Also,
I was replying to a point that Illuminates could not become Saints,
as well as that Illuminates could not enter Solace. Perhaps Arkat
cannot enter Solace because he abandoned the Hrestoli Way, but as a
Saint he can help others to enter Solace. I don't know.

Julian Lord:
> Nice to see that some, at least, have seen the same things I have.
> The chaos Void which devours Arroin's magic is *usually* Vivamort,
> yes.

Arroin was probably trashed more than once by Chaos. I would guess
that he went around, saw loads of Chaos wounds and thought "I can
heal that" and kept getting proved very, very wrong.

Allen Wallace:

> What if someone heroquested Waha Kills Basmol from the Basmol POV
> and kicked Waha's butt, and this altered ritual was reinforced?
> Granted that this would take some Mega-heroics but it is possible.

Would this work? It may just result in a related Quest, that of Waha
attacks Lion Hero and does not kill him. I think that when a Deity
dies, the HeroPath is so strong that it cannot be changed. People who
try to change it merely cause similar Quests to be created.

Thanks, Joerg, for pointing out that Orlanthi also sided with Nysalor
and that the human EWF Orlanthi were probably not killed in the
Dragonkill. Also, the cult of Orlanth Rex was created, not by Dragon
Worshippers, but by Orlanthi questing to kill the dragons. Whilst
this may be due to Orlanthi making the world right, it also
demonstrates that theirs is not a fixed, unchanging culture/mythos.

Someone (sorry, I don't know who):

> Print Eruption:
> > I meant a later chaos eruption. IMO the Print festered for some
> > time and then disgorged its contents in the Great Darkness before
> > Ash was dumped on it by an air god.

> > FWIW I thought Lodril
> > erupted at Vent after being cast down to earth there?

and Joerg:

> Yes. Then (IMO at the "picked up Lodril's spear" episode) he erupted
> under Argan Argar's camp and created the _huge_ volcano whose top
> was shorn off by AA. Then he erupted a third time, this time in
> chains, and created the Obsidian Palace.
> The Footprint myth seems to imply that Lodril's spear was stabbed
> into the Footprint. However, I know of no active volcanoes east of
> Mirrorsea Bay, and there is no crater or other evidence in or near
> the Print, except Shadow Plateau.

The way I see it is as follows:
Krarsht was stomped into the ground by Larnste who was bitten and
limped off. His poisoned blood created Foul Blood Woods. Lodril saw
this and turned himself into a spear, driving himself into the
Footprint to fight Krarsht. They fought undergound, not necessarily
below the Footprint. When Lodril erupted, he formed the Volcano which
is now Shadow Plateau and threw Ash over a Chaos horde which had come
from the Footprint. This also created the Stone Forest, I think. Then
Argan Argar ripped the top off the volcano, chained Lodril and built
the Castle of Black Glass. I think that Lodril erupted to destroy
Argan Argar's original castle, but my memory is sketchy on this.

This way, there need be no crater in the Footprint as Lodril fought
for a while and moved away before he erupted. I was confused on this
for a while because I once thought that Lodril erupted from the Vent.
But some time ago, I realised that the Shadow Plateau was Lodril's
Volcano and the Vent was Caladra's. Then I felt OK again.

I see that the qouting and nit-picking duel has stopped. Shame, I was
really practising using the Page Down key on my mail reader.

Simon Phipp


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