Myths and History

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Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 15:32:08 EEST

I feel a lot hinges on this one issue:

(using Waha and Basmol as example)

Is it possible to change the outcome of the Waha kills Basmol myth?

For instance:

What if something nasty happened to Waha worshippers and something
brilliant happened to the Basmoli, so that the Basmoli were considerably

more numerous and powerful than Waha followers. Could the Basmoli then
HQ into the myth and change it in this way (i.e. pretty fundamentally)?

Three answers I can think of:

1) Yes. The myth, therefore, was simply reflecting the dominance of one
set of worshippers over another. When that dominance changes, the myth
changes. This has lots of serious consequences.

2) No. This allows a situation to exist where one powerful cult could
have a myth describing the defeat of it's god at the hands of the god of

a much weaker cult. I'm not aware of any precedent of this in Glorantha
- - someone please jump in here.

3) Question isn't valid. While the myth continues in its current form,
Basmol worshippers can _never_ get the upper hand on Waha worshippers.

What do you think?

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