Re: Reality Altering

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 16:14:59 EEST

Allen :

>What if someone heroquested Waha Kills Basmol from the Basmol POV >and
kicked Waha's butt, and this altered ritual was reinforced? Granted
>that this would take some Mega-heroics but it is possible.

Anyone trying such a quest would find that it doesn't work like that.
Reality does have a certain resilience, and (taking this as a given for
the sake of argument) Basmol _was_ killed. The Basmoli know this
happened. They may want to try and bring Basmol back, but how can they
put their full, unconditional, committed support behind somehting they
_know_ is a lie? It's doomed to failiure from the start. In theyalan
terms, it's a violation of the compromise. The whole of Basmoli culture
and history since Basmol's death would unravell and lose it's cohesion.

The god learners tried this sort of thing, and even they failed.

Robert McArthur :

>> Someone could heroquest to bring Basmol back from the dead, but the
>> is he still died and no amount of heroquesting will change that.
>Like Yelm ;-)

Yes indeed, exactly like Yelm who died but was brought back. However,
Yelm still died, and the Darkness still happened.

Simon Hibbs


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