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Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 21:26:40 EEST

Allen Wallace

> What if someone heroquested Waha Kills Basmol from the Basmol POV and
> kicked Waha's butt, and this altered ritual was reinforced?

It would no doubt strengthen the Basmoli quester, but it's not going to
change history any more than if a Yelmalio quester happens to defeat Zorak
Zoran on the Hill of Gold quest. That quester will have fire powers, but
Yelmalio still doesn't.

(This would definitely be a difficult quest, since the mythic odds are
stacked mightily against the quester. In my Ralios game, the Basmoli hero
wasn't stupid enough to try it; he was using a Basmol the King myth.)

Robert McArthur

> > Someone could heroquest to bring Basmol back from the dead, but the fact
> > is he still died and no amount of heroquesting will change that.

> Like Yelm ;-)

If you ask Yelm's worshippers, they will deny there was any heroquest
involved in Yelm's self-resurrection. And shouldn't they know best? The
heroquest you refer to was Orlanth's humble petition for forgiveness.

And keep in mind that *everybody* killed Basmol, across Genertela. (Three
Ralian versions are in Enclosure 1.) Even if somehow this is no longer
relevant in Prax, he's still dead in the West.

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