Glorantha Con VII: Temple of Thanatar

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Date: Thu 14 May 1998 - 20:37:27 EEST


Here is the questionnaire:


Three Heads are Better than One is set in High Holy Week in a Temple of
Most of the characters are evil, and the few good (or not-so-evil)
characters are mostly in a Thanatari "library" with all that involves. If
your character dies at some point in the LARP (far from unlikely), you will
be given a new character to play, while supplies last . . .

Please mark how interested you are in playing the following, with 5 being
very interested, and 1 meaning not at all interested. (these categories, of
course, are not exclusive, i.e., you can be a Thanatari broo):
- - Playing a Thanatari
- - Playing a prisoner
- - Playing an emissary
- - Playing a human
- - Playing a broo
- - Playing a scorpion man
- - Playing something else . . .

Please rate yourself on the following scales with a number score from five
to one, with five meaning high and one being low.

Knowledge of Glorantha:
1) You say it's flat? 2) Player 3) Game Master 4) God Learner
5) Sandy Petersen

Knowledge of Thanatar:
1) Thanatar who? 2) Oh, that's who 3) Initiate 4) Doom Lord
5) I carry my heads around with me

LARP experience :
1) A LARP is a small flying creature 2) Watched a LARP 3) Played
one or more 4) LARP Veteran 5) Have written LARPS

Level of viciousness you're interested in portraying:
1) Gentle 2) Tolerable 3) Manipulative 4) Sadistic 5)

Level of acting/histrionics you like to do:
1) Rock 2) Scriptreader 3) Persuader 4) Shakespearean 5)

Level of costuming you are willing to do (the more the better):
1) 20th century guy 2) 20th century guy with funny hat 3) 20th
century guy with funny mask 4) Authentic scorpion man costume 5) I
grew extra legs for this

Level of presence in the temple you're looking for:
1) Janitor 2) Bystander 3) Initiate 4) Major Player 5)
"Revered" elder

Amount of double dealing you would be interested in:
1) I wear my heart on my sleeve 2) I'm a believer 3) One of the
crowd 4) My motives are my own 5) I worked for the KGB for a few

Would you rather play a fanatic of a cause, or a self-serving schemer?

Would you rather play someone in the public eye, or far from the madding

Are there any other players in the group that you particularly want to be
allied with?
interact with? or be separated from?

  Name three things unusual about you that might affect your
characterization: Big, small, bearded, loud voice, bulging muscles,
tentacles, one eye or three, etc.

Did you play in the "test run" in Chicago? If so, who did you play?


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