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Date: Fri 15 May 1998 - 02:43:31 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Simon Phipp: =

>Arroin was probably trashed more than once by Chaos. I would guess =

>that he went around, saw loads of Chaos wounds and thought "I can =

>heal that" and kept getting proved very, very wrong.

Yeah, this is likely, although I think he tried to heal the
chaos gods themselves of their Evil. In a myth, perhaps, using =

"Vivamort" is OK, given that Vivamort isn't a god, but rather a =

personification of Chaos'/Void's Hunger. AFAIK. =

Arroin's Failed CA Aspect mustn't be ignored, though. =

Arroin does still exists, even after these very close encounters
with the Void. By all rights he should have been completely blasted
away, even from memory. I like to see this as indirect proof of =

a former greatness, although this is very definitely *not* the
only possible solution for Arroin's survival. =

Arroin's survival might have been nothing but a fluke of the
Gods' War, were it not for his real power among the aldryami.

Among the orlanthi, Arroin is most likely a cult for cowardly, =

unvirtuous (Arroin refused the LBQ), weaklings. For men who do
women's work. Other versions of Arroin undoubtedly exist, away
from the mainstream of orlanthi culture. Arroini sorcerors, and =

Arroini combat medics, *if* they existed, would probably be =

perceived by mainstream orlanthi as being weaklings too.=


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