From: Jose Ramos (jose@kobo.es)
Date: Fri 15 May 1998 - 10:53:05 EEST

        I should refrain from this, but to see two intelligent and learned
people degenerate in this way breaks my heart.

        You have the KoL. Then the prophet Malkion gives his laws.

- - Brithini

        Malkion has a new revelation, and gives additional info about Solace

- - Old Malkioni (supposedly extinct).

        Hrestol talks with Malkion (who was in Solace), is a naughty boy,
and then goes up to Solace.

- - TNHW and descendants.

        The God Learners "purify" the scriptures and try to destroy all the
other heretics.

- - Almost all modern malkionism comes from this.

        New individual revelations (Siglat, Rokar, Syranthir...)

- - Modern Malkionism.

        This means that the Jew-Christian parallel is quite right, with
Hrestol in St. Paul's role, the GLs are the reform/counterreform, and a
plethora of sects rising from this.

        If you miss Arkat, it is because I believe henotheism existed before
he came, he just gave them more mundane power, and a few new saints (eight
just of himself).




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