Myths and History

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Fri 15 May 1998 - 11:46:36 EEST

Richard Develyn says :

>What if something nasty happened to Waha worshippers and something
>brilliant happened to the Basmoli, so that the Basmoli were
>more numerous and powerful than Waha followers. Could the Basmoli >then
HQ into the myth and change it in this way (i.e. pretty >fundamentally)?

>2) No. This allows a situation to exist where one powerful cult could
>have a myth describing the defeat of it's god at the hands of the god
>a much weaker cult. I'm not aware of any precedent of this in Glorantha

>- - someone please jump in here.

Orlanth slew Yelm, yet now the Pelorians are stomping on the Orlanthi
large-style. I bet the Dara Happan phalanxes are having a great time
marching all over Sartar.

>3) Question isn't valid. While the myth continues in its current form,
>Basmol worshippers can _never_ get the upper hand on Waha >worshippers.

I think this is an extreme interpretation, but still largely true.
Having a "we kicked your but" myth gives you a big advantage. Not only
did you win in the first place (presumably for a reson, ie you genuinely
have an advantage), but you now also have a big psychological advantage
too. I'm sure it doesn't guarantee victory.

Simon Hibbs


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