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>Anyone know anything about canonisation in
>Malkioni Churches BTW? How does it work?
>Could a dead Wizard be elevated to the
>Sainthood, for instance, by his old buddies,
>in exchange for future miracles in their favour?
>What magical (Blasphemy! Um; I meant Miraculous)
>processes are involved?=

No, I don't think that a few people can just "decide" that their
friend is a Saint, even if they were the greatest HeroQuesters
around. They could, of course, make a Hero Cult out of it, but that
is an evil, pagan thing that most Malkioni would not have a part of.

To Canonise someone, I believe you need the spiritual backing of the
entire Church. The Church pass the ancient rites, speak prayers to
the Creator and the Saintly Blessings are made. So the problem is
less of HQing and Magically interferring on the HeroPlane than
convincing an entire Church to canonise a worthy candidate.

Of course, once the Saint has been "created" (bad choice of words,
but still...) whether this is actually your dead buddy or just a
conglomerate entity formed by the spiritual powers of the Church is
another story.

I don't think that many Saints are "made" nowdays, except for the
canonisation of existing gods in Stygian and Aeolian Churches.


Dave pointed out that it might be artifical for Arroin to exist as a
sub-cult of Humakt just because Humakti wanted combat medics. I think
this is exactly the point. After all, they gain no magical, mystical,
divine or spiritual powers from him, just First Aid. The Humakti
probably just decided that Combat Medics were a good idea, thought
Arroin was a good example of what a combat medic should be (he does
appear in their myths after all) and so put a small statue of him in
the corner and some guy, the one with the best first aid, became head
of the "sub cult" and started teaching first aid.

Perhaps sub cult is the wrong word.

Nikk E.

Nikk Effingham

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