Arroin, Stygian

From: Simon Phipp (
Date: Fri 15 May 1998 - 16:21:11 EEST

Julian Lord:

> Among the orlanthi, Arroin is most likely a cult for cowardly, =
> unvirtuous (Arroin refused the LBQ), weaklings. For men who do
> women's work. Other versions of Arroin undoubtedly exist, away
> from the mainstream of orlanthi culture. Arroini sorcerors, and =
> Arroini combat medics, *if* they existed, would probably be =
> perceived by mainstream orlanthi as being weaklings too.=

I am not so sure. Orlanthi admire many qualities, duty is amongst
them. In the same way that Elmal is revered as the loyal thane who
stayed to guard Orlanth's homestead when he was away, I think that
the Orlanthi like Arroin because he stayed when Chalana Arroy left on
the LBQ and because he tried and tried again (like Robert the Bruce,
although without the spider and the victories). How can you think of
a god as cowardly who faced chaos time and time again, trying to heal
it of its pain knowing that he would probably be beaten? Arroin's
worshippers are as brave since they follow Arroin's Quests knowing
that chances are they will be beaten, but still they try and try and

Jose Ramos:

> If you miss Arkat, it is because I believe henotheism
> existed before
> he came, he just gave them more mundane power, and a few new saints
> (eight just of himself).

I think the Sog City supplement gives a history of Malkionism and
explains where the Stygian belief comes from - a revelation to

someone in the Godtime (can't remember who) that showed that other
gods may be revered as well as the Invisible God. Examples of

Stygians before Arkat are the Waertagi and Serpent Kings. The
sorceres of Orathorn may well have been Stygian in nature, but who

Simon Phipp


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