Enclosure II

From: Jane Williams (jane@williams.nildram.co.uk)
Date: Fri 15 May 1998 - 23:05:05 EEST

Looks like it's going to be good: maybe I should send a blank cheque to
the Megacorp ready for it. Just a few little bits cause me to go

> The Daughters of Vingkot - Stephen Martin with Jeff Richard
> How Vingkot Defended Kerofinela - Stephen Martin
> Orlanth's Ring - Greg Stafford
> The Vingkotlings - Greg Stafford
All of which look as if they cover precisely the area I've been trying to
work on for the last year, being thwarted at every turn by lack of
information and no idea what was in the pipeline. As at least two of the
people listed above knew. Thanks, guys!

Jane Williams jane@williams.nildram.co.uk


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