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Date: Fri 15 May 1998 - 22:19:50 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Simon Hibbs: =

>There are sorcerers among the Orlanthi?

RoC p.169: "Initiates of Chalana Arroy may become shamans
           or even sorcerors, ..."

And that's just one example. Yes, there are sorcerors =

among the Orlanthi. We should remember that they haven't
been presented yet mainly because RQ3 sorcery stinks.

Many of us, I think, including me, may have trouble adapting =

to HeroWars Orlanthi. Greg'll probably spring some far bigger =

surprises on us than this one.


Simon Phipp:

>How can you think of =

>a god as cowardly who faced chaos time and time again, trying to heal =

>it of its pain knowing that he would probably be beaten? Arroin's =

>worshippers are as brave since they follow Arroin's Quests knowing =

>that chances are they will be beaten, but still they try and try and =


I think I like this. I was trying to think how the Arroini might
be seen, which might not be the same as how Arroin was seen. Your
version is pretty good, anyway.


Jose Ramos:

>Indeed I think many true believers are illuminated, but it does =

>not make an impact in their lives. =

I really don't think so, Jose. Illumination would be a kind
of Revelation, and would surely make a *huge* difference
in someone's life. One of my players has a Rokari Knight
who's met Humakt and has experienced the divine nature of =

this god. This, IMG, is one large step towards illumination =

for the character. He believes in One Invisible God AND in =

the divinity of Humakt. The coexistence in his mind of =

these two irreconcilable beliefs draws the Knight towards =

Illumination. Also a large source of anguish for the

>Some players become munchkins

Um. What does "munchkin" mean, exactly?


>Success is the key to become popular. =

I like this!


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