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Date: Sat 16 May 1998 - 01:19:26 EEST

Dave Dunham wrote in reply to Robert MacArthur

(This would definitely be a difficult quest, since the mythic odds are
stacked mightily against the quester. In my Ralios game, the Basmoli hero
wasn't stupid enough to try it; he was using a Basmol the King myth.)

I've been experimenting with a Tiger cult myth for an example of a living male
Great Cat god... and I think if we use the behavior of the actual cats for
guidance, Basmol may not be -actually- very helpful to the modern Hsunchen of
Here's my reasoning:
1. Male cats are territorial and can be vicious even to kin, if it assures
biological success...
2. Male cats are often therefore dangerous to children (kittens) and to non-
dominant males.
This being the case, the female Basmola cult, as the remnant, would emphasise
female behavior in the pride, a factor which would help to preserve the two-
legged Hsunchen as a cooperative and successful band.
Thus the Basmoli might be construed as having less dangerous hangups than the
Tiger people, who are stubbornly territorial and noncooperative except within
those areas sanctified by the expression of female territory. (At least in my
The most extreme example of the 'dangerous male' would be my version of
Sakkar, who ate his human children.
In other words, even if the (male) Basmoli chooses to try to resurrect his god
his female relatives might sabotage his efforts (subtly).
For a sort of RW resonance the Saturn and Titanides myth might be a vague
In one version, Basmol might have been killed by his own son!
This doesn't apply IMO to most Gloranthan cultures (I having some difficulties
with Freudian analysis), but it reflects the problems of a predator-god

Jeff Erwin


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