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The last major aspect of the Arroin cult is Arroini Duck.
 While many durulzi Healers are members of the =

CA cult, in fact, the medic god of choice among the =

ducks is Arroin: certainly because of the connection with =


Arroini Duck gives no Rune magic to his medics. They have
access to sorcery instead, as specialist Healers. They have cult =

restrictions as strong as those of the CA cult. Their sorcerous =

discipline is even more severe. Arroini ducks seek =

to emulate their great god to fanatic extremes. The second =

sorcerous Vow medics must take is HEAL ALL WOUNDS, for =

a 2 point gain in Presence. Similar Arroini Vows are TREAT
ALL POISON and HEAL ALL DISEASE, for 1 point of Presence =

each. Arroin has no Spirit of Reprisal, but the High Vow =

of the medics of Arroin is sealed by Oath to Hueymakt. =

The consequences of breaking it are dire. =

When in the presence of Hurt, Arroini durulz will
typically go to superduckish lengths to heal as much of it
as possible. It is usually only exhaustion, sent to the medic
by his Merciful god, which prevents a brave Arroini from
dying from fatigue in the line of duty. =

Arroini Duck is, in fact, a sub-cult of Hueymakt and CA. =

The durulz Combat Medics of Arroin are a fearsome
sight during battle, weaving bravely between the fighters in their =

quest to heal them all. Combat Medics may learn Parry from
their local Sword of Hueymakt, and Heal from CA. =

Evil warriors, filled with Death, sometimes attempt to kill the
brave Combat Medics who risk life and limb to bring healing to All.
They fail to understand why their enemies, freshly defeated, =

deserve to live! This is because the Death they wield has
wounded their Souls. These Evil Warriors receive great healing
benefits from Arroini Duck.

There is a certain pecking order for the distribution of healing by the =

Arroini. Briefly, the more Hurt and wounded things gain precedence =

over the lesser. First, and foremost, creatures of Chaos benefit from =

the combat medic's attention. The medic must abandon all other
duties when confronted by a thing of chaos sickness, and seek to =

heal it. Among the chaotics, Vampires must always be tended first!
When no chaotics are present, the medic first turns his attention
to those he considers evil, for they have great sickness in their souls
which should be healed, urgently. Other enemies of the duck should be =

healed next. Only when the medic is satisfied that none such are present
may he turn his attention to his near and dear, although among them
those who have the worst illnesses, physical or spiritual, should be =

healed first. If there is no other hurt around him, the medic may
heal himself, if he needs it. There are usually plants and small insects
in proximity to the medic. When these are in need of healing, the
medic typically forgets his own needs for theirs ...

Medics of Arroin must follow a strict regimen of total abstinence
from Hurtful food. Most food is in fact forbidden, but unfertilised eggs,=

most dairy products, and certain fruits may be eaten by the medic.
Seeds, meat and most vegetable flesh are, naturally, taboo. =

Most medics quickly seek to master the Skin of Life in order to avoid
even such. Food is in fact linked to the Hunger Rune, which is a =

great chaos wound in the World, according to Arroini Duck's

Arroini Duck Combat Medics typically wear white healer's robes
with a blue sash; but many, for some mysterious reason (perhaps
linked with the Hueymakt sub-cult status) choose to wear full armour =

at all times.

Arroini Duck heals all for free.

Note. Spells etc. should be extrapolated from the Healer specialty in =

Sandy's sorcery.


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