Orlanthi sorcery

From: Mikko Rintasaari (rintasaa@mail.student.oulu.fi)
Date: Sat 16 May 1998 - 17:44:41 EEST

> And that's just one example. Yes, there are sorcerers among the
> Orlanthi. We should remember that they haven't been presented yet mainly
> because RQ3 sorcery stinks.

I know I probably shouldn't post this...

There seems to have been at least one important orlanthi sorcerer we
should know about. And that is no other than Sartar, the holy man.

Sartar's power has been described in KOS as stemming from his "eventual
mastery of the motion/change rune"

  I've never liked the way sorcery was portrayed in RQ-3. The spells and
powers of sorcerers were taken from western fantasy/folk literature, and
have almost nothing Gloranthan in them. I think Gloranthan sorcerers
manipulate the same forces that divine and spirit magic users do, those
stemming from the runes and elements, the laws of gloranthan reality...
But this is a long topic, and one I'll take up on a later date.

But still... where did Sartar's powers come from? He is not described as
being a faithful of any god or cult. He was called "holy man", because he
was powerful in a way the people didn't understand. I think he was what I
call a _Gloranthan_ sorcerer or wizard (sorcerer sound too sinister).

more later (if I survive the outraged thunderbolts and holy flames)


> Again, there is a Dutch-Treat dinner TONIGHT somehwere in Berkeley for
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you lucky bastards


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