Basmol, Lions and Kingship

From: Ian Welsh (
Date: Sat 16 May 1998 - 21:58:53 EEST

David Dunham says:

"Basmol may not be -actually- very helpful to the modern Hsunchen of
Here's my reasoning:
1. Male cats are territorial and can be vicious even to kin, if it
biological success...
2. Male cats are often therefore dangerous to children (kittens) and to
dominant males."

A very nice analysis. However I do wonder if Gloranthan mythology gives
lions the kingship/leadership qualities the RW myth does. If so, that

would nicely balance the worst predator problems. Given that the
Basmoli did rule a huge empire in GodTime it does not seem unreasonable,

On another subject I really don't see what the problem with ressurecting
him is from a mechanical point of view. It doesn't matter how strong
the myth of Basmol being killed is... as long as you are trying to bring
him back rather than alter the myth, no problem (not to say that quest
wouldn't be really, really hard... but such things have been done.)



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