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Julian Lord

> I don't think Arroin is a Humakti sub-cult as such

To clarify my thoughts: a subcult typically focuses on one aspect (or hero)
of a god. Orlanth Goodvoice is the poetry aspect. Orlanth the Thunderer
deals with rain and storms. I don't believe there's any healing aspects to

Lots of surgery is setting broken bones and sewing things back together.
Not much Separation there. (Granted, other surgery involves lancing boils
and amputations, which is closer.)

I do suspect Arroin is more acceptable to Humakti than Chalana Arroy,
especially to those who have the "no magical healing" geas.

Mikko Rintasaari wondered

> where did Sartar's powers come from? He is not described as
> being a faithful of any god or cult. He was called "holy man", because he
> was powerful in a way the people didn't understand. I think he was what I
> call a _Gloranthan_ sorcerer or wizard (sorcerer sound too sinister).

I believe Sartar was an Issaries hero. I'm pretty sure Greg has come out
and said so. Even if he hadn't, Change is one of Issaries's runes, and the

one Sartar had mastery of. Note also his gift to the Feathered Horse Queen
- -- he taught the Grazers of Issaries and set up some Issaries temples (I
believe Queen's Post is one of them). And his diplomatic skills could well
derive from Goodvoice.

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