Divinity and Sorcery

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Date: Sun 17 May 1998 - 05:08:37 EEST

From: Julian Lord

Nick Brooke: =

Interesting post, Nick.

>But what precisely does he mean by "the divine nature" of Humakt?

In this particular case, I meant that H encompasses a portion of =

Divinity with a capital D. Interpretation of this encounter is
my player's job, not mine. (Or should I squash potential heresy =

by telling my player his character is *wrong*? Dull,dull,dull ... )

BTW, thanks for material which will help me roleplay his wizard!

PS Technically, it was during Death that the knight met Humakt.

>The auto-da-fe beckons...

Aaargh! My plans are revealed!

Look at "Crusade" by Greg. =

"The reforms of King Annmak the Peacemaker (ruled 734 - 751)
acknowledged the sacred nature of true Crusade, and introduced the =

part of the Wizard's Vow which requires that a wizard undertake a =

personal interview with Hrestol before invoking Crusade."

This thing seems to imply that wizards can HQ to Solace, or at
the very least that Solace can somehow be reached. Perhaps only
by prayer, of course. Any opinions?
Mikko Rintasaari: =

>There seems to have been at least one important orlanthi sorcerer we
>should know about. And that is no other than Sartar, the holy man.

!!! An intriguing idea, which I, for one, like!
Nothing wrong with it a priori ...
Is it true? Someone should ask Greg! Does someone
out there *know* this to be impossible?


Jose Ramos: =

>Julian Lord goes against general opinion in the Digest.

Is this another of your blanket statements, Jose?
(just kidding ...)

>>SH>There are sorcerers among the Orlanthi?
>>RoC p.169: "Initiates of Chalana Arroy may become shamans
>> or even sorcerors, ..."

>That comes straight from the GoG. To assume that Orlanthi use sorcery ju=
>because it is not forbidden for Chalana Arroy (who is willing to accept
>anyone, even chaos). Or are orlanthi chaotic too because CA and Humakt a=
>chaotics? =

Thought this one would have to face opposition ...

>Read Strangers in Prax, or King of Sartar, who present more recent posit=
>on the orlanthi.

Look, I'm hardly trying to suggest that there are *many* orlanthi sorcero=
(Are the Aeolians orlanthi, BTW? Many among them would think so, wouldn't=

I suggested that there *may* be sorcerors of Arroin, in which case
they would be orlanthi sorcerors. This was questioned. There are, however=
orlanthi sorcerors in the Chalana Arroy cult. Some of these could, by
no great stretch of one's orthodoxy, be Arroini. I am therefore right,
*unless* of course, IYG, the CA (and Arroini) sorcerors are non-existant.=

Up to you.

Don't you find it odd that some cult write-ups explicitely say
"no sorcerors allowed" while others make no mention of this?

>And who would teach sorcery? Just wondering...

Um. Adept sorcerors?

>>I really don't think so, Jose. Illumination would be a kind
>>of Revelation ...
>What I meant is that a malkioni believer will have (IMO) it easier to
>continue with his/her faith than a theist.

Ah! I understood you backwards. (same ideas; opposite logical structure) =

This, I agree with.

>I don't see it necessary to illuminate him to resolve his troubles.

It ain't necessary. He's made a step in that direction.
Resolving his troubles ain't my responsibility ...


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