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From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Sun 17 May 1998 - 21:53:46 EEST

>>There seems to have been at least one important orlanthi sorcerer we
>>should know about. And that is no other than Sartar, the holy man.

>!!! An intriguing idea, which I, for one, like!
>Nothing wrong with it a priori ...
>Is it true? Someone should ask Greg! Does someone
>out there *know* this to be impossible?

This makes me somewhat regret the fact that I wrote that up, since I had
intended to present the question to Greg in the lore auction at
Convulsion. Well... what's done is done. I hope the answer is interesting

Oh.. and the theory that saints have stayed outside solace gets my vote.
Metaphysically it makes a lot more sense, since the hole premise of solace
was supposed to be it's total separation from the world of mortals... In
Glorantha it's a big comfort, knowing nobody can hurt your soul after


"thinker, dreamer and adventurer"


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