The Bat

From: Mikko Rintasaari (
Date: Sun 17 May 1998 - 21:31:28 EEST

> Which is the main reason why I don't like this solution. But the
> Crimson Bat was illuminated by the Red Goddess (according to a post
> by Eric Rowe some time back) and that is why it has so many eyes
> (hahahaha). IMO the Bat simply has not learned how to conceal its
> chaotic nature.

With all due respect to Mr. Rowe, I don't see any reason to suspect The
Bat would be illuminated. All descriptions and sources on the bat seem to
indicate it is just a mindless demon. It is said it was originally a
natural animal, but was corrupted by chaos during the War of Gods. I've
seen no evidence that it was sapient before becoming chaotic, and
certainly it isn't that now. The bat is just a beast, and illumination is
something that only the keenest minds can reach.
  (and even if it was both intelligent and illuminated it would still be

so self evidently chaotic that one doesn't need the senses of the bull to
detect it... The bat is a raging vortex straight into oblivion in the sea
of chaos... I think all Gloranthan mortals feel deeply disturbed and
distressed when in the range of it's unholy glow... except perhaps the bat
cultists, who I think are crazier than good ol dr. Strange Love)


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